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Light Bulb

Our brand is equipped with modern and aesthetic.

We only deliver quality promised products to our client equip with prominent lighting brand. Promoting your brand's prestige, increasing your cosiness.


Osram lighting had always been our supplier for years. If you're looking for Osram lights but have not a proper choice of how and what type of lighting devices would fit your space lively, kindly get help from us. Let us design your space for you!


Philips lighting had always been our supplier for years. If you're looking for Philips light bulb but have not a proper choice of how and what type of lights would fit your space nicely, we are here to provide you solutions towards your worries. Let us design your space for you!


OPPLE has significantly expanded its portfolio to include a vast array of products and services — ranging from LED and traditional lighting, lamps, and ceiling fixtures to electrical appliances. We have the lighting consultant that will give you a desirable solution to your trouble.


All the lighting device provided by Imitos lighting are good to say to be one of the best quality throughout the lighting area. We will also provide the design and installation feature to all for our client upon request. Let's get your lighting consultant from us!


Oritz has been our supplier for years, surely it only delivers quality-promised products for their client. Oritz is one of the most trusted brands for us.


Vekocy is one of the famous and top lighting manufacturer in Malaysia. Vivalec is selling almost all Vekocy products , kindly reach us if you are having interest in their products.

Modern Switch

Enjoy Exceeding Luxury, Comfort and Stylish

We are also providing varies type of switch. Give a look on our selected brand. 


Schneider Electric is the well-known switch brand throughout everyone. The products they had have keep everyone satisfies. Check out our store as we have a sample of these switches!


Simon Holdings, established in Spain 1916, is a worldwide holding group boasting the leading position in European’s switch manufacturing industry. Headquartered in Barcelona, Simon Holdings has 12 production centres around the world. Welcome to our store or showroom to check and purchase Simon's switch.


Broadlink supplies the users with DIY smart plug, smart remote control hub, intelligent switch, security alarm kit and so on. The users can easily configure the internet with one key and experience the convenient and fun by smart life immediately. Come to visit our store to check out Boardlink's product!

Service and Features


By most experienced Lighting Master

Wiring and Installation

We provide free wiring and installation according to terms and conditions

Long Lasting Warranty

We provide warranty to all products from 3 months to 10 years

"Let there be light."

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